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Default Snap 4500 - end of the line

Hello All,

I have two snap 4500's which both have problems.

The first one will not allow any Netvault connections - from the snap you cannot add clients (incorrect password keeps popping up) and from the servers you cannot access the netvault control on the snap. (it just keeps asking for the password)

the second one has lost its AD list (again)

I have tried the restore to defaults - restoring the operating system, reboots, etc etc etc on both with no joy.

Currently both snaps are running 4.4.049 SP3.

I got approval from the boss to buy support from overland - which then gets you the latest OS included apparently, but i have just found out today from the reseller in Sydney (i'm in AUS) that the 4500's are no longer supported - so no dice.

What a crock.

It seems that a few people on the forums have GOS 5 running on snap 4500's how did you manage to get it?

As i seem to be out of options - a format and Win2k3 seems the only option left.

anyone after 8 - 250GB drives (GOS 4.4049) as both snaps already have 750GB drives in them.
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