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Default i7 980x quad SLI, need help desigining the loop.

Hello everyone,

It's been around a week of looking into the forums here and there, but I dont seem to get a clear idea of how to turn my current air system into a watercooled one, so I was hoping for any help any of you experienced watercoolers could give me, as I am getting lost...

The rig consists of:

Coolermaster HAF X
i7 980x
EVGA X58 Classified 4-Way SL
4x GTX 580 in SLI (quad SLI)
Silverstone Strider 1500

The parts I was thinking on using were:

CPU: Swiftech Apogee XT Extreme Performance
MOBO: EK Water Blocks EK-FB EVGA Classified 4-SLI - Acetal+Nickel
GPU's: EK Water Blocks EK-FC580 GTX - Acetal

I was thinking on getting a MO-RA3 9x140 to cool the whole loop, but I dont know if this would be enough considering the extreme heat that would come from OC the whole system (not to the extreme but to some extent), also do I need 1 or more pumps for this rad ? 1 or more reservoirs ? I was thinking on the Noiseblocker NB-BlackSilentPRO PK2 ( 140x140x25mm ) fans to cool the radiator.

Also what would be the best order in the loop ? I have been looking into some posts but I cant get a clear view of how to do this monster set up, it is kinda overwhelming me.

Any idea on what connections would be best to connect the SLI cards waterblocks ? any ideal tube sizing for such a gigantic heat generating loop ? and fittings ?

Thank you so much for the help guys.
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