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Re: Snap Server 12000

Haven't been active in this forum for a while. I've been busy. I'm not a guru. I own a 12000, a 2000 and two 14000 servers. One thing that I noticed people forget when they have problems is hardware. If your server doesn't connect, the ethernet card could be bad. Very cheap to replace too. My older 14000 wouldn't connect, and its second card was to blame. I pulled the card, it connected with only the single connection. $10 replacement on the way. For me it was an Intel Pro 1000 XT, but the 12000 uses the Intel Pro 1000 T. For reference sake, I swapped the 12000's card with the bad one in the 14000, and it worked fine, so I know it was the card. As for the reset process (USE CAUTION) in the 12000 or 14000, hold down the middle button under the display while you hit power and continue to hold it until it says 'Maintenance Mode.' You get 4 options unless options 5 & 6 are enabled. TRY NOT TO USE OPTION 4 - DESTRUCTIVE.
Option 1 on maintenance mode clears the password. Option 2 clears the ip address. Option 3 clears both the password and ip as well as resets almost all settings and enables DHCP if it wasn't enabled already. Option 4 is DESTRUCTIVE as it resets everything including the drive assignments and you cannot recover your data unless you have a disaster recovery image prepared before you used this option. Option 5 & 6 are reserved for tech use and are not usually available unless all drives are removed or you've previously used done option 4 I think? Option five enables a utility to update the flash chip and displays an address. ( "Waiting for update, I am") Option 6 suppresses file system for whatever good that does. I guess it might be useful if your consoles hangs, but you would only be able to access the server with a 9 pin null modem cable connected to a computer using hyperterminal and very specific commands. Such a connection shouldn't necessary, unless your flash is corrupt or worse. One other option is a crossover ethernet cable that just basically lets you connect directly with a laptop or nearby computer directly without the need of a network, but it might not work if there is a pre-existing network connection problem. Hope this helps someone.

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