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Default Re: Ben's double header P2 450 MHz

Originally Posted by ben333
Well I am setarting the blocks in my mind. I need the riser and the TNT2 crapped out on me Good thing it has onboard 3D rage. I also have a SCSI card with a 9 gig Quantum drive and CD burner
Go, go, GO!

I added a 4th drive (80gig maxtor, 15 gig Maxtor, 2 x 15gig maxtors-RAID0).
Oh. and the 2X optical drive just wasn't cutting it so I put in a great now.

This morning i had bit torrent rumming, 10 or so websites in Firefox, Microsoft Update in IE, IE editing a post on technet, and Paint shop Pro editing a screen capture with Kerio firewall and Avira running in the background.....With 0.64gigs of memory it paged out badly, so there is a limit!

What are you using to overclock? SoftFSB, CPUCool, Clockgen, and PowerStrip all seem to work for me. Just gotta find that PLL first. MY 550 will go 650 for a munute or so, don't know if it's the memory or the video...have to do some parts switching to find out, Hmmmm ... but I' reluctant to mess with my "everyday" machine!

I've got a RBX, a 2 x 120 rad and an Eheim.....later. Maybe a MCX158CU chipset cooler on the CPU???? I'm looking for one of those coppermine 100mhz buss, 1ghz PIII' a resonable price. I can't see paying $150-300 for a CPU that, most of which, have now gotten thrown in the trash. $10-25 would be reasonable for me.
My new rig....
Intel SE440BX-3, PIII 550 (@ 680)
MX440 275/332 (@ 350/400) and 3DFX Voodo 5 5500 160/160 (@180/180)
Two Opticals and 120 gigs (w/28gigs in RAID0) on 4 Maxstors
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