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Default Re: Wipe drive on Snap 4500

It depends on how destructive you want the data to be destroyed.

For example, if you are selling the server, some people like to destroy everything, including GOS, so they remove the hard drives, install them into a PC and zero fill each drive etc. Sadly this renders the snap fairly useless to anyone, unless they have the abilities to re-install GOS.

If you are just blanking the machine for your own use or are not completely paranoid about someone recovering the data, just deleting the raid set and then recreating a new raid set, should be reasonable enough. If you re-build a raid zero set first (which is faster) just to get things settled and running again. Then you can move on to building a new raid 5 set for example.

Some people do things such as swapping drives around to destroy the raid set that way, but in my experience that can sometimes lead to problems.

I am no expert on this, one of the guru's here may know of a quick and better way to put everything back to factory settings or similar?

A few of us here, Own 4500's so it's highly likely you will get some better answers later on.

If you are selling the Snap it's worth more to most people with GOS intact (if they don't already own one) or it's scrap value if not.

Personally i like it when people wipe them completely or sell them without drives, and i can pic them up for peanuts!

Out of curiosity, what version of GOS is it running?
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