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Default Re: Silent, watercooled TJ-06

Very Nice PDF! I have the same case (though black) and also took the silent approach, so your post has motivated me to finally register in these forums--instead of lurking--and say "Nice Job"!
This case is a great one for silence; lots of room for big fans (and hard drive contraptions), heavy steel instead of aluminum, and that front grill just screams "Place radiator here!"
As for constructive criticism, it's hard to give any when you say you are already happy with the noise levels... Loudest thing on my rig was also the PSU fan (NEO 480...wasn't loud at all, but hey, it's all relative right?) So I opened that up, put in one of those 120mm fans that came with the case (FN 121 i believe), and that was a noticeable improvement. Not sure if the cooling is any better/worse though, since the Silverstone fan stays at 1200rpm or below, the original sometimes went up to 1500. Oh well, PSU hasn't exploded yet...
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