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Default Re: Silent, watercooled TJ-06

How exactly is that fan currently attached? Are those blue fasteners rubbery pull-through type things? I can't quite tell from the pic. Originally, I had a fairly nice mount on my radiator fans, but removed it when I put the duct on. I had foam between the fan and the shroud just like yours, then these thick, soft washers on the other side of the fan holes. I think they are probably silicone. Then I used thinner-than-necessary bolts to attach back to the radiator so they wouldn't bind themselves in the fan holes. It was nothing elegant but it was indeed completely decoupled and worked quite well, really couldn't feel any vibration transfered to the shroud, and it would definitely still be sturdy enough to take that aluminum fan of yours. I don't remember where I found these washers but I'm sure you could find something like them at the hardware shop.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised that an aluminum-framed fan would have much vibration at all. I've never had one, but it seems like the mass of the frame itself ought to kill a lot of it?

And for that PSU, you could always do some DIY watercooling on it! Somewhere there was a worklog up on that, can't remember where or when though. I've toyed with the idea and will probably do it, but not until I get a better PSU that I know for sure will last a loooong time. Of course it's completely excessive for the amount of noise it would actually knock off, especially when you could just get a passive psu, but hey, it's the journey right?
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