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Default Re: New setup (sanity check)

So. Based on the conversations, advice, and copious amounts of RTFM'ing, things are shaping up in the following way, then:

Pump SwifTech's MCP350 or 355 with Petra's modified top.

Tubing 3/8" throughout, Norprene for 95% of the runs with perhaps some softer silicone stuff around the pumpt for sound isolation

Coolant MCT-5 - not the most efficient coolant out there, but it is a) non-conductive, b) non-corrosive, and c) anti-bacterial. Tasty.

Radiator 2 x PA 160.1's (plumbed in a series, both outside the case, configuration TBD). The PA160 looks like it was made to be stacked on atop the other although the ultra-tight loop between the outlet of one and the inlet of the other will add some restriction to the loop. MCP355 + Petra top should have sufficient head to push through. The video card is what I feel will warrant this level of heat dissipation needs, and the specs say that two PA160's with those spiffy Nexus fans will be quieter than a higher-CFM 2x120mm setup of anything elsem including PA120.2.

FAN Nexus' rebranded Yate-Loon 120mm fans anywhere I need one.

WaterBlocks SwifTech's offerings are, currently, undisputed for both CPU and GPU. Apogee GTX (copper top) for CPU, MCW60 for GPU + passive heatsinks for the RAM.

Misclanea Petra's "be wewwy wewwy quiet" gel for mounting the pump. SwifTech's SmartCoils, worm drive-type hose clamps, ThermalTake's CL-W0033 LCD temp probe.

Now, to wait for the 15th (second paycheck of the month... yay).
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