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Default Snap Server 4000 disk error.

Hi guys, am hoping for some help.

Got into the office this morning and one of our fileservers was dead. I restarted the machine and it looks like one (or all) of the disks are dead. Below is from the error log:

E File System Check : FSCK fatal error = 39 Disk 60000 20-2-2009 17:02:25
E File System Check : Bad state 0 for inode I=225417 Disk 60000 20-2-2009 17:02:25

These come after the disk status has been on 5% for a while (say 10 mins). I read somewhere that disk 60000 indicates that it's in RAID5 (which it is) but how do I find out if there is one particular disk causing the error?

We have another Snap Server 4000 out back so I could replace the disk like for like with no problems I'm just at a loss as to determine which one is toast!

Your help would be much appreciated!

Some more info for you:

Model Software Hardware Server # BIOS
4000 series 3.4.772 (UK) 2.2.1 502950 2.4.437
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