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Default Re: Upgrading From SAS drives to SATA Drives

Originally Posted by Max8 View Post
Hello Phoenix,
  • Has anyone done this kind of upgrade in the past?
  • Will SATA Drives work connected to the SAS HBA?
  • In a 520 is the SAS Cable connecting to the Motherboard?

In terms of being helpful and answering the questions I put forward, your response is basically irrelevant.

None the less; that is exactly why we love you so much...

So now my answers are basically irrelevant and that is why I am loved so much?

I very clearly answered the first 2 of your questions.

Originally Posted by Phoenix32 View Post
To the best of my knowledge, you can put either SAS or SATA drives in the Sanbloc S50.
See if you get another answer out of me....

And there you go again calling it an upgrade to SATA.

Originally Posted by Max8 View Post
In terms of HDD space it is actually upgrading... - having SAS drives will not effect the intended use of my 550 one iota.
While the speed may not be important to you, I would think that reliability would be at least an "iota". SAS uses a much better protocol and thus reduces the chances for file errors and timing errors by leaps and bounds. Notto mention those type drives are built to much higher standards and tend to last longer and so forth.

So it may not be important to you, but reliability is a big "iota" for most people.

Originally Posted by Max8 View Post
Normally I would prefer not to mention it but I cannot hold myself back... you even managed a shameless sales pitch for the S50 you are trying to flog... which, as a salesperson, I find innovative and commendable.

There is a classified section on this forum specifically for selling I do recall, I trust you have it listed there also?
It was not a "shameless sales pitch"! If I was trying to sell it, I would have included a lot more details and a price etc. We were talking about a Sanbloc S50 with SAS drives. While on that subject, I wanted to see if there was any interest in one. Feel the waters. So no, I did not put it in the classified section.

In fact, I happen to love that particular unit. It is rock solid and very fast. However, I am finding I do not need near as much storage as I have. I have a ton of snaps and 2 Sanbloc S50 units. So I thought I might mention it to see if it was worth the time and effort to sell it. PERIOD!

Originally Posted by Max8 View Post
BTW... Phoenix
I'm coming over to the east coast of the US for work, I have business to attend to in Seattle.
Last time I checked, Seattle was on the west coast, not the east coast...

Originally Posted by Max8 View Post
I told him I have a mate that lives near Seattle, so I'm coming to stay at your place! it's only a couple of hundred clicks (Kilometers) away!
Uh, no, I don't think so. I have been married going on 34 years and I want to keep it that way. That, and I am not exactly "user friendly".

Seattle is about 2.5 hours drive from here. And it is winter here. You know, snow falling etc. We get that here in the north west US. That and that 2.5 hour drive is over mountain passes. The casecade mountains are between us and Seattle. That 2.5 hour drive can quickly turn into an 8 to 10 hour drives, if at all.
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