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Default Re: Upgrading From SAS drives to SATA Drives

Now, Now, Settle down Tiger…

No need for a heart attack, 90% of my post was in jest, as I thought yours was… Do your really think that I could consider your response about downgrading as being 100% serious?

So my reply post was very much meant to be humorous; I knew the east coast bit would get a remark, my Brother does not work at the airport, I am sure that Lady GaGa’s plain will not have a gold glittery bra, I was not involved in any incident at the 2000 Olympics and I wouldn’t expect anyone to be able to put me up if I came to the states… if I did it would be unlikely it would be to visit Seattle… as remote as it seems if I do I will ensure it is in summer….

Also I meant that we love you for the posts you make... they are quite witty…

But really your post didn’t go anywhere near answering my questions in the first posts so it was basically irrelevant to them…

My Questions;

Has anyone done this kind of upgrade in the past?
Will SATA Drives work connected to the SAS HBA?
In a 520 is the SAS Cable connecting to the Motherboard?

Your response;
Going from SAS to SATA is NOT upgrading, it is downgrading...
To the best of my knowledge, you can put either SAS or SATA drives in the Sanbloc S50.
Speaking of which...
I have a very nice Sanbloc S50 with 12 x 10K rpm SAS drives, and includes the very expensive SAS HBA card for the Snap Server head unit (4200, 4500, 510, 520, etc) and the SAS cable. I would be willing to part with if there is any serious interest out there. This is a complete turn key setup. All you need is the Snap Server (and for the right price, I could include one of those too).
If you are serious about wanting it, send me a PM or email.

Do I need to do a poll?

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