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Default Apple OS Lepard 10.5 issues.

This info came from QNAP Forum

Connection through APF does not Allow PW in clear Text. Guest Accounts work OK. The work around is below.

User sdh from the QNAP had this work around.

I have found a workaround that allows Leopard to connect to the TS-109 over AFP.

To set it up you need to modify the AppleShare preferences file. This file is called, and is located in ~/Library/Preferences (that is, the Library folder off your home folder).

With no AFP connection active, double click on the .plist file to open it. Then change the values of the items called "afp_cleartext_allow" and "afp_cleartext_warn" to Yes, from their default values of No. Then save the preferences file.
You may need to restart to cause the Appletalk software to reload, but afterwards you will be able to see all your shares on the TS-109 using AFP, and not just Public and Qmultimedia.

This is, of course, just a temporary solution until the implementation of netatalk on the TS-109 is fixed to allow Leopard to connect to it in a secure manner.
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