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Default Re: Guardian Snap vs ReadyNAS perfomance?

It all depends on what HW the GOS is running. Smallnetbuilder ran some test a while back with a smaller GOS unit and it still out performed the ReadyNAS. I know my 4500 has a bandwidth of 3000+MB/sec, I don't think the ReadyNAS will even fill up a 100BaseT network, besides 2 GigE ports. With flashram based hardware you are tied to ram size, besides locked like the SnapOS. With most HD based you can run most any linux based OS (and MS) you want. The software is what makes the NAS. Since GOSv4 iSCSI was available, With v5 bring Raid 6 & 10 to the table.

Things change quite fast on the hardware side. Overland is now starting to use the GOS on there HW. Personally I do not like locked hardware and software. In most cases you endup over a barrel with limited options. Just like MS users how wrote custom applications for IE to find out when IE v7 broke every thing since they elected to use advanced calls that were for IE only. The main reason most corp do not upgrade very often.
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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