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Unread 02-26-2006, 08:27 AM   #1
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Default Nostalgic Watercooling from 2003

Today i destroyed my setup from 2003/4, i never showed it to anyone, so i want to present it to you at least now. The pictures are from today, the story is old so pardon me for not having taken photos earlier.

It was my first attempt at watercooling and i built the blocks and rad in 2003 for myself. That was all dremel and drillpress.
But i never used them because i milled some new ones on a cncmachine. because the Block itself wasn't that bad, a WW-clone with 16x 1mm channels and the rad was a single heatercore which itself are very rare here in europe and i searched for very long until i can get one at the junkyard. I decided to give it to my brother instead of letting it collect dust on one of my shelves.

He had the setup running on a MSI KT3 Ultra with an Duron 1,4ghz and a Radeon9000vivo first and we tried not to use any ellbows first. Even if i am into medium and lowflow watercooling (because of noise) i would call this setup a very ungerman (i am german) highflow attempt. So don't alsways believe these spinners who say that most germans are thickheaded and have never tried other attempts than 6/8mm superlowflow (which really isn't a wise setting). This case is really nice. it is made from 1.2mm hardened steel has 10x 5.25" bays and enough place for even a triple radiator a big reservoir and a dual mobo. in fact it is the biggest bigtower case i know. The downside is that it weights about 30kgs with the whole setup integrated.

Then we updated the setup in 2005 with a Shuttle AK37GT (KT400 excellent overcklocking board), a dlt3c 1800+ and a radeon8500. The setup was mostly made of old spare components but we could achieve quite a good stable overclock with 2433mhz for the cpu and 310/300 for the graphics card.

We then completely changed the tubing and used a little less tubing added a reservoir and used more ellbows and there was far less tension on the tubing (made the installation inside the case easier. The Funny thing is, that the temps (external probe from a w-force panel on both setups glued next to the die) went down and i couldn't see any difference in flow.

Today we removed the setup radically because we want to rebuild it and add a graphics card cooler for the new 6800LE@GT which i bought cheap on ebay for 120€s(the card not the cooler). The glue from the rad leaked when we twisted the tubing too much.

I milled this cooler from delrin, brass and copper for the 6800. It looks restrictive but trust me it isn't
It will be used in the new setup. i think the rest will probably stay as it is, maybe i will add a NBcooler which isn't necessary coz the kt400 stays very cool with the zalman, but just for the fun of it. It is singleslot, consists of three copper parts five o-rings and one flat seal and two 7mm delrin plates bolted together with two brass plates (the front brassplate is for a sli adaptor). The weight is only 245gramms, so it will be healthy for your card using this cooler.

here the CPUcooler again. I feel kind of nostalgic when i see it...
Its performance is still good and i don't think i can get only 2degrees better temps on a tbred b @100watts with any other modern watercooler because it is nearly optimal for bare dies. So i will use it again in the new setup for my brother.
The tubing you see there is 10/13mm so a little bit more than 3/8" on the inside and more than 1/2" outside. It is quite sufficient for the MP1200 pump. The watercooler first had G1/4" but i updated it to G3/8" and tried 1/2" tubing. But it couldn't help flowrate or even temps so i decided that 10/13 would be the best compromise of practical and performance aspects. It is more than the 6/8 and 8/10mm tubing which is common here in germany but it is less than the 1/2" tubing common in the us and australia. I really like the quick connects used in that photo. they have more flowthrough than normal hosebarbs because they seal outside of the hose and the quickconnect itself has a bigger cross section than the tubing.
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Unread 02-27-2006, 11:13 PM   #2
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Default Re: Nostalgic Watercooling from 2003

Do you have any internal pictures of your delrin 6800 block? I've been toying with the idea of constructing a delrin 6800 block for my XFX 6800GS and perhaps I can get some ideas from your design.
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Unread 03-02-2006, 04:19 PM   #3
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Default Re: Nostalgic Watercooling from 2003

I don't have photos from the internals yet, but i will do some in time.

I produce some blocks commercially in europe, so please don't copy that because i need to make money with my designs to get rid of my liabilities. This Block is planned to launch in a short time together with a x800 double sided delrin-Block.

Here's a pic from the back, i think that could help you a bit:

some internals can be viuewed here:http://www.cooling-solutions.de/show...ewpost&t=11255
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