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Default Re: Snap 4500 - end of the line

Overland will sell the OS to you seperately, and the Support the last time I heard. The 4500 have been EOL for many years now. They only seam to keep each model for about 3 yrs before coming out with the new ones. The new models all have SATA HD's. If you get support they will probably have you remove a few files which contain all of the netvault sys preferences. There was a users that found how to get the AD back, may want to see if you can find the post. But with some if problems keep reoccuring, I would wipe it clean and start over.

Have you opended yours up and done a through cleaning? Re-apply the themal paste on the CPU heatsink ( I like doing these anually) ? I also run SpinRite when problems start showing up. Some times it will fix the problems. I think v5.1 GOS is out, I have heard of reports that it has stremline a few things and is faster. My guess they fixed a corefile that was causing problems, because 5.0 was not out very long. If you do a clean install, make sure you tunr off NV, AV, AD, and diaster recovery.

Due to copyright laws here it the US you can not sell the HD's that contain Copyrighted material. If you do you must remove and destroy all of your copies. So you will need to wipe them if you do. If you elect to sell the 4500's they bring good money if complete.
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Link to SnapOS FAQ's
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